You know having electric citrus juicers can be very beneficial. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming concerned about their health. They want to eat healthier and live an overall healthier life. Drinking freshly squeezed juices in the morning is one of the many things they can do to help improve their overall health conditions. However, not all Citrus Juicers available in the market can perform to everyone’s liking. This is why when purchasing a juicer it is highly recommended to consider the range of juicers from Breville especially the Breville BJE510XL model.

This electric juicer from Breville boasts numerous powerful features that people will surely like. Here are some of the features one can expect from this model of juicer from Breville:

900 watts powerful juice extractor.

It has 5 different speed options you can choose from. This gives you a smooth or pulpy/chunky juice depending on what you want to drink. And you will love Electric Citrus Juicers, I think so.

Speed range starts at 6,500 rpm up to 12,500 rpm for maximum juicing capacity. This also thereby gives you faster results.

Large 3 inches of circular feed tube so you don’t have to chop and slice the fruits and vegetables anymore.

You just have to put them inside the feed tube and they will easily fit inside.

The control panel has a backlight for easy viewing even on dark rooms.

Parts are dishwasher-safe.

It comes with a froth separator for people who don’t want frothy juices.

Package comes with its own cleaning brush.

Package also comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

With such features, it is no wonder why so many people prefer this electric juicer over other juicers available in the market. Furthermore, there are also advantages users are entitled to experience from this juicer such as:

The speed options – this is one of the many things people love about this citrus juicer. It allows them to extract the most juice from fruits and vegetables and make it pulpy/chunky or really smooth like a smoothie.

Sleek design – many people fell in love with the sleek and elegant design of this juicer. It certainly looks great on most kitchen countertops.

Ring-shaped socket – this is an advantage since some people accidentally yanks the cord whenever they pull the plug out of the socket. Having it in a ring-shape will make unplugging and pulling out the cord easier.

No stains – even with some parts made of acrylic, it doesn’t stain as long as you wash it immediately.

However, there are still a few features users believe could be improved including:

Noise – juicing using this juicer can be very loud and noisy. It annoys some people and if you use it in the mornings, it will definitely wake some people up.

Yield – the pulps are often quite wet which means not all juices have been extracted.

Versatility – it is strictly an electric citrus juicer and cannot be used for any other purpose.

With all that said, many Breville Electric Citrus Juicer Reviews still claim this juicer to be one of the best. Even with a few shortcomings, this is still one of the best juicers you can ever use.